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Paradise Key (2016)
Duration: 3 min 31

The deer pen was built in July 1934. There are a few photographs depicting the area but little information exists on why it was built. Although it is located in the forest near a well-known trail, it is difficult to find.

Nike, 1962 (2016)
Duration: 7 min 43 sec

Prompted by a 2014 tour through a missile launch site in the Everglades National Park, a woman reflects on the time when the Russian/Cuban/American nuclear standoff threatened to end life as we know it.

The Birds Have Flown Away (2016)
Duration: 2 min 56 sec

1962. An army camp is being set up in a tomato field, in the middle of the Everglades. The noise is deafening. A black cone at the tip of a missile indicates a nuclear warhead.

The Hat on the Bridge (2016)
Duration: 4 min 39 sec

A mystery begins to form when a researcher finds uprooted plants on a Loop Road bridge. Tension mounts when a second car stops in that remote location.

The End of the World (2016)
Duration: 4 min 22 sec

July 8, 1905. The Bay is calm. The shore is a thin line of land, the sky faint blue, white. From Oyster Key, Flamingo appears to be a distant mirage.


Chekika, the Abandoned (2016)
Duration: 7 min 45 sec

Searching for a landmark in an overgrown setting, a woman is overcome by the atmosphere rising from the landscape.

The Last Panther on Earth (2016)
Duration: 5 min 40 sec

There is one road that leads from the Everglades National Park entrance to Flamingo. There are no streets lights and at night, it is very dark.


Marion’s Car (2016)
Duration: 5 min 24 sec

Single lane and almost deserted, the Loop Road runs through the Big Cypress National Preserve. A sprinkling of people live there, mostly down narrow laneways that twist back into the trees. It has a reputation for being moonshine country.


Nocturnal Desertion (2016)
Duration: 3 min 35 sec

Animals hiding in a deserted mango grove wait hopelessly for vindication.


Chekika, the Zone (2016)
Duration: 3 min 21 sec

This area of the Everglades National Park has been closed since 2013. The gates are chained shut and the Rangers’ houses are boarded up. Chekika is a zone, the ruins of dreams.


Bunker Boy (2016)
Duration: 3 min 07 sec.

Some people say that during the Cuban Missile Crisis, there were surveillance bunkers built along the Old Ingraham Road. Others deny the existence of such structures.

Special thanks to Alisdair McGregor, Melanie Clifford and Howard Jacques for the use of excerpts: Bermuda Triangle Test Transmissions Broadcasts – October 15th 2009in Bunker Boy.

A Spot of Light (2016)
Duration: 3 min 19 sec

An abandoned mango forest is slipping back into the natural world. In July, the mango season is coming to an end and most of the fruit has fallen to the ground. Armed against the night with flashlights, two men set out into the rows of trees to find Burmese pythons.