AnthropoScene | Coral Gables, FL | March 2015

AnthropoScene | Coral Gables, FL | March 2015

March 4 to March 24 2015
AnthropoScene: Art and Nature in a Manufactured Era
Exhibition /Panel/Workshop
University of Miami
Coral Gables, FL


Art and the Work of Artists in the Anthropocene (Valerie LeBlanc)
To Speak About Our Time (Daniel Dugas)

Felice Grodin’ essay
Extreme Stratum


Color keying workshop Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel Dugas
University of Miami, FL – March 4, 2015

With: Traia Thiel, Lucinda Linderman, Mark V. McDonnell, Deborah Mitchell, Gina Maranto, Andee Holzman, Keene Haywood, Kim Grinfeder, AIRIE,  University of Miami, Florida Memory – State Archives of Florida

This exercise in visual composition offers opportunities to discuss evidence of human passage in the natural landscape. During the editing process, each person will have access to the workshop footage. This will enable Students to further collaborate on the end result, or to compose individual works. Through voiceover, text over, and added music or sound compositions, the finished works will potentially convey a variety of messages related to the AnthropoScene Conference objectives.

The group will set up a tripod and camera in a fixed position facing a lush green area. (1) An establishing view of the scene will be recorded. (2) Volunteer(s) wearing the blue or white suit(s) will stand still in the green area. Once an image of the person(s) is recorded, recording will continue and the person(s) will move out of position. Volunteers will be encouraged to try out various ways of moving slowly through the scene.

In the editing process, the footage will be layered and color keying will be used to minimize the visibility of the figure(s). The desired effect in this DIY exercise will be an imperfect removal of the figure. (i.e. the keying effect sometimes leaves edge traces and this will reveal the movement of the figure.) Overall, the finished footage should reveal the outline of a (nearly invisible) figure moving in the landscape. During the editing process, Students will make decisions on what the final work will actually convey to the viewer.

Workshop video 1

Workshop video 2

Left to right: Gina Maranto, Traia Thiel, Valerie LeBlanc, Daniel Dugas and  Mark V. McDonnell.




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March 4, 2015

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