Below are the video synopses, these works are not currently available online.


Exotic Vs Exotic (2014)
Duration: 1 min 48 sec

Ongoing wrestling match: man versus nature. The upper section of the image is adapted from the Florida Memory public archives series and the lower section, was recorded from the bow of the Hydrologist’s boat on a sea level monitoring outing. The audio is mixed from various locations.



Nocturnal Submersion (2014)
Duration: 2 min 20 sec

Video based upon Chekika, the abandoned day-use park in the Everglades National Park. The poem was written following a night visit to the site with the Swamp Apes, python removal group. The audio is of an approaching storm in the Everglades Pinelands.


Sweet Water Strand (2014)
Duration: 1 min 39 sec

Communion with the slow moving nature of the river of grass is interrupted by a visitor looking for an event.  


In the Swamp (2014)
Duration: 2 min 09 sec

A video about a place where time becomes expanded.


Nike (2014)
Duration: 1 min 52 sec

This video was recorded onsite of the now decommissioned Nike-Hercules Missile base inside the National Everglades Park. This site was a key location during the 1962 Cuban-American-Russian October crisis. Children’s toys are juxtaposed onto the pavement outside of a mechanics’ shed at the missile site.



Things (2014)
Duration: 1 min 42 sec

A day at the beach, an afternoon cruise, a view of a nuclear plant: the potpourri of living.


Cumulative (2014)
Duration: 1 min 02 sec

Weather systems traveling the South Florida Skies explode into comic fantasies.


Death in the Morning - water (2014)
Duration: 1 min 57 sec

Reflection on the value of a human life is presented as a series of imagined last thoughts.


Pilgrimage (2014)
Duration: 1 min 04 sec

A purification performance is layered under a subtitled text by Henri David Thoreau.


Death in the Morning – feathers (2014)
Duration: 3 min 57 sec

Reflection on the value of a human life is presented as a series of imagined last thoughts.


Yonder (2014)
Duration: 1 min 47 sec

Yonder was shot in an area of the Hole-in-the-Donut (HID) that was recently scraped clean of plant growth. Giant topiaries appear and disappear on the landscape.

The soundtrack for the video is Yonder Sits a Humble Creature sung by Mrs. Matilda Keene from the Florida Folklife Collection / Florida Memory project. 
WPA field recordings in Alachua County (1936-1937 recording expedition)
(S 1576, reel T86-220)


One Hour (2014)
Duration: 1 min 25 sec

On the currently unused projection screen at the Everglades Flamingo Campground, vultures provide punctuation on the plight of biodiversity.