We would like to thank all of the organizations and individuals that helped make the project possible.

AIRIE – Artists in Residence in Everglades, Inc. and its supporters
New Brunswick Arts Board (creation grant, travel assistance)
National Parks Service
Canada Council for the Arts (travel assistance)
University of Miami, Humanities Center
Webcorelabs inc.
Miami Book Fair International
Knight Foundation
Dante Fascell Center, Biscayne National Park
FILE 2015

Julie Abreu
Rick Anderson
Claudia Ariano
Linda Bennett
Hillary Cooley
Houston Cypress
Sabrina Diaz
Andee Leigh Holzman
Lucinda Linderman
John Maher
Gina Maranto
Gustavo Matamoros
Mark V. McDonnell
Mark McPhee (Male voice)
Ryan Meyer
Deborah Mitchell
Kevin Bowles Mohr
Thomas Rahill
Rebecca Rideout (Female voice)
Al Rubesa
Jimi Sadle
Skip Snow
Jonathan E Taylor
Steven Tennis
Traia Thiel
Maria Thomson
Keith Waddington

Special thanks to Alisdair McGregor, Melanie Clifford and Howard Jacques for the use of excerpts: Bermuda Triangle Test Transmissions Broadcasts – October 15th 2009 in Bunker Boy.